HansJacob Østerø

HansJacob Østerø

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First Name * HansJacob
Last Name * Østerø
Username * HansJacob
Country * Faroe Islands
City Klaksvík
Nationality Faroese



A 20 year old married guy from one of the most unknown places i the world, Faroe Islands.

been drawing my whole life, more or less. love character design /architecture design.
(my skills do improve every once in a while :) )

I have had some (not much) work experience:
did some drawings for Simprentis.fo
been doing the drawings on shirts for school student's finish, for some years now.

have done most of my drawing on paper. just got my first Wacom Intous3 A5 wide Special Edition Tablet :D ...

hope to add some o my work soon. :)